Best 5 Tools to check your internet speed in 2022

If you aren't checking your internet speed by using the right tools to perform your internet speed test, you might end up disappointing your business partner in 2022. 

Tom can have an online presentation with a potential partner due to the epidemic but can get things wrong and even lose business associates if the Internet speed is low, checking continuously can save your business.

You aren’t likely to notice a difference between 150 Mbps and 70 Mbps download speeds when you’re browsing websites, or chatting with friends, but if you’re downloading a huge update or video meeting can get bad.

The speed test is as important as the device you use to browse through the Internet. Things you should look at when performing Speed-test.

Megabits per second (MBPS): MBPS shows how fast you can upload and download files.

Upload speed: Maximum data your computer can send to the internet in seconds.

Download speed: Maximum data your computer can receive from the internet in seconds.

IP address: some speed tests can display your IP address. 

Tools to use for internet speed test it's free to use and effective. It doesn’t waste time when using it, loads quickly, and begins analyzing your internet speed before you know it.

Internet Health Test: The Internet Health Test is an extraordinary tool for finding out internet speed, and it's simple to use. It does take a little longer than others, but it makes five different tests and it's ad-free.

Speedtest - Google: Google partners with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to run a relatively free speed test. 

Ookla Speedtest: it's a popular internet speed test on the net. This app is available as both an app for your smart device and your desktop. It's easy to use.

SpeedOf dot Me: it's another web-based internet speed checker. After it's done, it comes up with surplus information on your internet connection.

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